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藤部明子 作品展 “ヒカリバ”

2007年7月10日(火) 〜 7月31日(火) 日・月・祝日休廊
10:30 〜 18:30(土〜17:30)





2007 年6 月藤部明子


Once I began taking photographs, I noticed strange things would sometimes steal into frame.
Ghostlike traces: unforeseeable, wondrous, fraught with contradiction and caught wholly unawares. Mysterious shape-shifting apparitions, or what we Japanese call obake.
A woman who passed for one brief instant in the early spring chill of Seoul stares back at me.
A van from last rainy season in Osaka tail-ends into view in the darkroom. Glistening leaves in the early summer light Antwerp seven years ago, rediscovered just this spring in Tokyo.
Apparitions captured on ? lm appear before my gazing eyes. Presences that might stay with me or just as easily vanish, or then again, they might reveal some other look only much later.

June 2007, Akiko Tobu


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